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About Holguin

The Cuban city of Parks

The province of Holguin is located to the north of the oriental region of Cuba, Lima to the north with the Ocean Atlantic, is the place for where the Admiral Christopher Columbus arrived in Cuba (Bariay). Lima to the west with the county of The Tunas and to the south with Granma, Santiago from Cuba and Guantánamo.

Holguin, Parque Calixto Garcia

The city of the parks calls the "holguineros" to its capital, pleasant city for its people and for the unpolluted cleaning of its streets, opens up in a flat polygon between the hill of Mayabe and the Cruz's Hill and it is very easy to be guided in her by the regular layout of its streets.

Loma de la Cruz, Holguin

This province occupies some of the most privileged coast sectors, with the bay of Nipe and a score of excellent beaches like: Don Lino, Guardalavaca and Estero Ciego. In their properties they are also the mines of nickel of Moa and Niquero and natural places as Bay of Naranjo, Key Saetía and the Sierra of Cristal whose centennial forests are inhabit of a strange Cuban mammal, the Almiquí, considered an alive fossil.

Holguin, Tourist at Guardalavaca Beach

Holguín is the county with more concentration of archaeological remains of the aboriginal populations that inhabited the island. In Bariay, a creek of its coast taken a bath by the Atlantic one, went where when stepping Cuban floor for the first time in 1492 Christopher Columbus it expressed its famous sentence: "this it is the most beautiful earth that human eyes have seen."

La Periquera, Holguin

The capital of the county, Holguín was founded by the military Spanish García Holguín April 4 1545. Their good known building is The Periquera, the old City council, that acquired the name for the uniform coloring of the Spanish soldiers that you/they guarded it. The calls Pilgrimages of May are the traditional parties of the city. One of the industrialized province in the country, has one of the three bigger nickel reservations in the world and in turn the second more populated after City of the Havana.

Holguin, Art

The Pilgrimages of May "Romerias de Mayo", local celebration of strong Hispanic root is a popular procession until the summit of Cruz's Hill among the 3 and 4 of May, the ascent is carried out through a stairway of 458 steps built between 1927 and 1950. Hill of Cruz is the name given to this elevation because for its condition of viewer of the old village, in the summit of this hill, before called Bramadero, it placed a great cross 1790 brother's May 3 Antonio Happiness, with the purpose of perpetuating in the memory the day in that the timbers of the Calvary appeared.